Data Narratives

Data Narratives specializes in providing unique data-driven storytelling solutions to businesses and individuals who want to engage their audience with compelling narratives.





What is Data Narratives?

Data Narratives is a platform to help you create insightful Narrative using Data. The platform allows you to research any data through its large database of factual and reviewed datasets. The platform then also displays relevant articles and AI generated insights on the researched datasets.


Target Audience

– Journalists
– Researchers
– Educators
– Students

There are 4 main parts of the platform. The searched graphs and charts, Relevant articles, Insights and a Workspace where the user can save all datasets. The challenge in the design process was to accommodate all these sections without making it too cluttered. Multiple approaches were tried. From multiple columns to a mix of collapsible rows and columns were experimented.


The inspiration for the solution came from an e-commerce experience. The collapsible cart in most e-commerce websites gave us the inspiration to make the workspace collapsible. This allows the user to focus on the task they are doing. The user can focus on researching and going through the charts. Once they select the data, the workspace slides open with options to view saved charts, insights or saved articles. This clear demarcation helped the users focus on particular tasks while making sure the aesthetic looked clean, simple and user friendly.

Mobile Friendly Platform