an edtech platform for students to explore professions and career paths





Curiousapiens is an upcoming edtech startup helping students explore different career paths and professions through their platform


To come up with the best way to help students explore different professions and career path and to design the experience of the complete platform.

Competitor Shortcomings

The project started off with competitor analysis and the shortcomings. While looking at all the completitors it was clear that they all lacked in one aspect – Exploration. While all competitors offered information about a variety of career paths and professions, they lacked helping the child explore new possible areas of interest.

The UX took into consideration the shortfall others were facing and made exploration as the base idea behind the experience of the platform. While there are flows to view the information of a specific profession, the primary navigation is very explorative.

The site is currently under development.

The beta version is live on