Designing for Accessibility: Making Your Brand Inclusive


Inclusivity in design is vital for reaching all audiences. This blog explores the significance of designing for accessibility and provides actionable insights to make your brand more inclusive.


Understanding Accessibility:

Dive into why accessibility matters and how it impacts users with disabilities.


Accessibility Guidelines:

Familiarize yourself with standards like WCAG to ensure your designs meet accessibility requirements.


Color Contrast and Font Legibility:

Enhance readability by prioritizing sufficient color contrast and legible fonts.


Alternative Text for Images:

Improve accessibility by providing descriptive text for images, aiding users of screen readers.


Keyboard Navigation:

Enable keyboard navigation to ensure usability for individuals who can’t use a mouse.


Video Captioning and Transcripts:

Enhance inclusivity by adding captions and transcripts for videos.


Accessible Forms and Inputs:

Design user-friendly forms with clear labels for ease of use.


Responsive Design:

Ensure adaptability across devices with responsive design principles.


Testing for Accessibility:

Regularly audit and test for accessibility to identify and fix barriers.


Promoting Inclusivity in Branding:

Embrace diversity in branding efforts to resonate with a wider audience.


Studio Mesmer excels at designing inclusively. Our expertise ensures that brands prioritize accessibility, reaching all users effectively. By partnering with us, your brand can lead the way in inclusivity and accessibility, fostering a truly inclusive digital presence.